Heritage Water Tanks

Premium Residential / Rural Water Tanks.

Heritage Water Tanks’ Premium Residential range is specifically designed to suite any application in the domestic market. Heritage Water Tanks have got the right water tank for you and your family.


Quality and Strength

All Heritage Water Tanks are manufactured using the highest quality materials available. All of our tank walls are profiled rolled using BlueScope Zincalume or Colorbond steel.

Our water tanks are assessed independently by engineers and certified to the highest standards. The result is a water tank that you can trust to last and which conforms to all of the required Australian standards.


Our Tank Walls

Our water tank walls are made from the proven, highly corrosion resistant, zincalume, G300, alloy coated, structural steel.

The steel used in the production of our water tanks is a minimum of 1mm thick, which is thicker than the material used by most of our competitors and to a profile designed in consultation with engineers to provide superior strength and exceptional durability.

Lining Layers

Arma Liner

The Heritage Water Tanks Arma Liner is manufactured to the highest standards. Liners are rated on lineal weight or weight per square metre. Our liners weighs 700 g/m۶ where our closest competitor’s liner weighs under 500g/m.

The extra material explains why in independent testing, Heritage Water Tanks came out on top for Weld Shear Strength and Puncture Strength, against our main competitors. Our liners are food and potable water grade certified and conform to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

This is an inert material of exceptional strength, durability and elasticity, which retains these properties for greatly extended periods of time, even under the most harsh and environmental conditions.

Technical specifications and certification details in respect of this component are available on request. Other materials are available if required.

Our Liners


Sizes and Capacities

Model Diameter Height Litres Gallon Pad Diameter Sand
HGT 55 5.49m 2.31m 55,000 12,000 7.5m 8.03
HGT 90 7.06m 2.31m 90,500 20,000 9.06m 9.53
HGT 110 7.84m 2.31m 111,500 25,000 9.84m 113
HGT 135 8.63m 2.31m 135,000 30,000 10.63m 133
HGT 160 9.41m 2.31m 160,500 35,000 11.41m 153
HGT 220 10.99m 2.31m 220,000 48,000 13m 203
HGT 250 11.77m 2.31m 251,000 55,000 13.77m 223
HGT 285 12.55m 2.31m 285,000 63,000 14.55m 243
HGT 375 11.77m 3.45m 375,000 82,000 15.77m 283