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What is AGMON?

AGMON is a solar powered, cloud-connected, remote monitor designed to assist in day to day agriculture routines. The AGMON is an Australian owned, designed and manufactured system that has been built for tough outback Australian conditions, and measures water levels from various sources including tanks, dams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wells.

The AGMON is always ready to communicate with a range of sensors and customizable alarms, including a default pre-configured water level alert, sent within minutes via SMS, email or voice call, when the water level falls below 10%.

Once installed the AGMON will start to gather and post data to the online portal using either satellite or mobile network, updating regularly. An optional daily SMS can also be sent from the online portal to update you on the latest daily readings - eliminating the need for frequent portal logins.

AGMON 2.0 is our latest model of AGMON system and is customizable, which means it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

AgMon Monitor
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The AGMON is an Australian owned, designed & manufactured system that was developed in house here at Bontech. The R&D team’s efforts with this revolutionary technology was rewarded with winning North Queensland Field Day’s Inventors Award and in 2010 the first version of the AGMON was released. Over the past 12 years, with extensive trials & input from development & agricultural users, the AGMON has evolved, taking on a sleek new design with improved connectivity, new sensor functions and a range of new applications. The AGMON 2.0 has been designed specifically for Australia outback conditions by outback Australians, so you know we have built them tough!

With a small footprint, flexibility and easy installation, the AGMON will show a return on your investment in no time!
Functions & Sensors
  • Water Level Monitoring

  • Water Flow Metering

  • Identify Tank Leaks

  • Water Usage Trends

  • Custom SMS, Email and Voice Alarms

  • Generator and Pump Stop/Start

  • Rain Gauge

  • Low Voltage Alarm

  • Live Field Reading via USB

  • Online Portal

  • Multiple Online Accounts

  • Historical and Exportable Data

  • Farming

  • Mining

  • Irrigation

  • Environmental Research

  • Water Suppliers

  • Agriculture

  • Aquaculture

Want to know more?
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