Water Monitoring

What is AGMON?

Agmon is an internet connected remote agricultural equipment monitor. Its primary design function is to monitor the level of a water tank using a drop in pressure monitor and send an alert if the level drops below a predetermined range. It can also be used to monitor and measure humidity, rain, temperatures etc. It can run from NextG, or Satellite connection. With the addition of other sensors it can be a weather station or monitor pump flow rates etc.  AGMON can be used to auto stop start  engines, generators, pumps etc.

AGMON  monitoring can also be utilised with irrigationcontrol, soil testing and reporting  soilmoisture etc.

How does it work?

AGMON is installed by fixing the unit on top of the desired tank to be monitored. A pressure sensor is then plugged into the Agmon and lowered into the tank until it hits the bottom.
Once the unit is switched on it will start to gather data and post to the website using either 3G or Satellite networks.It will then gather tank and battery levels every even hour and post every 6 hours.
If at any time the tank level drops below 10% the Agmon will send a critical alarm within minutes.

Benefits to you?

  • AGMON will help reduce the frequency of costly water runs freezing up resources for other users.
  • Tank levels can be monitored anytime, anywhere via Computer or Mobile Device.

Web Solutions

Agmon posts to its own dedicated webpage accessed with your username and password. You can log into the website with any internet enabled computer, tablet or smartphone to view the information. The website will provide you with up to date information along with stored historical data to monitor seasonal trends. Personalized changes to tank site names and custom alarms are a smart feature for ease of operation.

Custom Solutions 

Along with the standard tank, rain and battery readings the Agmon can be tailored to suit any application.

Non-standard options include but are not limited to:

  • Still Photo
  • Soil Moisture
  • Flow Meter
  • Generator Stop/Start
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Gate Alerts
  • Temperature / Humidity  


The Agmon has a pre-set internal alarm which will send a critical alert to the user when the tank drops below 10%. Custom alarms can be set up on the website by the user to inform when the tank level has dropped below or risen above a certain level. If for any reason the Agmon fails to communicate for more than 18 hours, the user will be notified by one of the below services.

These alarms can be received a number of ways:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Voice Call
  • Landline


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