Need to pump from rivers, creeks or quarries??
Conventional pumps can’t help??

A unique Australian innovation,  Patent No. 2010246912

Bontech’s Spilla pump adaptor allows any surface pump to become a deep-well pump.


Spilla is a water driven pump and can be used by virtually any surface pump and greatly increases versatility and makes back up much easier: no generators, electric motors, drive shafts or rods are necessary.

Spilla driven by a fire pump is a much easier less costly alternative to a Mono bore pump and can be used in older bent bore casings. This combination is also much safer and far less prone to problems than a generator submersible combo.

Maintenance and repairs??   –  imagine, no shafts, no column, no guides, no bearings, no belts

Spilla has been in operational use on a local quarry in Macksville, NSW  draining and pumping out sludge, since 2012!!

We are receiving a lot of interest in pumping from rivers prone to flash flooding –  a  fire pump can be placed well out of the flood zone,  which can then be secured in the river.  Spilla harnesses the energy of moving water from a supply water pump to raise water against the head of the system.



#Spilla Principal target market for the pump is farmers and graziers who need access to ground water cheaply and efficiently over long periods of time with minimal supervision.

Australia still relies heavily on agriculture for both domestic and overseas exports.  As it is an extremely dry continent bringing water to stock is a challenging task.

Fluctuations in weather patterns make it difficult to predict where and when rain is likely to fall.  Consequently, the most prudent solution, that has proven to be most reliable over time, is to extract water from under the ground.  Beef cattle alone account for 44% for all farms with “agriculture activity”, with 59,893 properties running cattle.

ABS Agricultural Commodities – figures as at June 2009

Bontech are pleased to have successfully completed the  Federal Govt. Commercialisation Australia Grant program for their latest innovation, the pump adaptor Spilla®.

Commercialisation Australia is an initiative of the Australian Government and is a competitive, merit-based assistance program offering funding and resources to accelerate the business building process for Australian companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors looking to commercialise innovative intellectual property

If you would like more information on  Spilla® please do not hesitate to contact Martin Boniface  on 0418 180 780

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