About Us

Established by Martin Boniface in 1985 with an original trading name of Boniface Services, Bonlec was a part-time service orientated electrical business. During this time Martin was also employed as the Maintenance Engineer for Country Style Bakeries

Boniface Services continued to grow as the need for a reliable, competent, 24-hour Electrical Maintenance Company increased in the Townsville region. It wasn’t long before Boniface Services had full time Maintenance contracts with customers such as Country Style Bakeries, Woolworths stores, Techno Plastics, Tip Top Bakeries and AE Smith. In 1991, with four employees, Boniface Services became Bonlec Pty Ltd.

  • 1992, a separate division of Bonlec, North Queensland Controls, was born to service and supply the growing demand for air conditioning controls in North Queensland.
  • 1994 a branch of North Queensland Controls was opened in Cairns by Martin Boniface and now employs 17 full time staff.
  • 1999, Bonlec/North Queensland Controls underwent a name change to incorporate three divisions, Bonlec Controls, Bonlec Electrical and Bonlec Wind & Solar.
  • 2001, Bonlec expanded again, with the opening of a branch in Mackay. Bonlec Mackay now has 6 full time staff.
  • 2005, the Hughenden branch opened to give Bonlec a base in the heart of the cattle stations where solar pumping was becoming increasingly popular alternative
  • 2007, Bonlec Townsville moved into their new premises on Gorden Street with an official opening of the building in February 2008.
  • 2009, the solar division in both Townsville and Hughenden branched away completely from the electrical side and formed their own company called BonTech Pty Ltd, specialising in water pumping and alternative technologies (Research and Development).
  • 2016, BonTech was proud to become the Distributor for Heritage Tanks

At BonTech we pride ourselves on being able to overcome any problem or circumstance that may present itself.
With this in mind, BonTech Research and Development currently has 3 registered Patents and owns both copyright and trademarks for both AGMON and Spilla!

Our Team

Martin Boniface - Director

They were the days before computer managed control systems, equipment was handled by analogue electrical controls and as designing control systems was his area of interest that was the direction he wanted the business to go. Bonlec Pty Ltd evolved from this growth. He opened a Branch in Cairns in 1994, and Mackay in 2000.

With the advent of computers and microprocessors everything has changed, and there is no limit to the number of pieces of equipment that can be monitored and controlled from a single point, resulting in his second company, Bontech Pty Ltd.

Martin is Sole Director of Bonlec Pty Ltd which now specialize in Air Conditioning Controls (BMS Systems) , Refrigeration and Switchboards, Commercial Solar and large Grid installs.

Bontech has grown from Martins desire to be involved with Research and Development as he has always prided himself on the ability to overcome problems or circumstances that present themselves.

Martin, through Bontech, currently has 3 Registered patents and owns trademark and copyright over both Agmon, and Spilla.

Reece Lymbery - Pumps & Tank Specialist

Reece has been with Bontech since 2016.

Reece now manages the Solar Division in Townsville & Hughenden and has built up an impressive client list which is based on his excellent service and sales skills.

Reece shall be the contact point for future distribution and logistic enquiries for all our products.

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