Agmon is an internet connected remote agricultural equipment monitor. Its primary design function is to monitor the level of a water tank using a drop in pressure sensor and send an alert if the level drops below a predetermined level. It can also be used to monitor humidity, rain, temperatures etc. With the addition of external components the Agmon can take photos, monitor pump flow rates, auto stop/start engines, generators, pumps and opening/closing of gates and traps.

All this data is sent via satellite or 3G network to the Agmon website which can be accessed anytime, by using a computer with an internet connection or any Smartphone.

As all tanks vary in size and capacity, the alarm levels can be set by the user. If the water drops below your predetermined level, you will receive both a sms alert, and an email alert, detailing which tank site is critical. As this system alerts you when there is trouble, constant bore runs to check tank levels are no longer necessary which in turn will save time and money.

The Agmon posts to the website every six hours and stores all of the information in customisable graphs which can be adjusted to any period of time to monitor seasonal changes and livestock habits. Current and historical information can be viewed on your personalised webpage at

Agmon will operate from anywhere in Australia. We have both a 4G model, and a Satellite for where 4G coverage is not available.

Bontech technicians are currently working on the “Out Station” adaptor to accompany the original Agmon. The Out Station is “a add” on which will wirelessly sends data from a remote sensor to the main Agmon unit which will then post to the website. This will allow multiple tanks, pumps and gates in an area to connect with one unit making it more cost effective to monitor many sites.


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