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Bontech Pty Ltd ( ABN 55 137 152 884)  is a local North Queensland family business who have been  supplying and installing  solar  water pumps and solar dam pumps on properties in the Northern and Western regions  of Queensland and the Northern Territory since 1999.  Bontech has proudly installed more than 1500 solar pumps, both Grundfos and Lorentz, in that time.

We are at the forefront of water management systems. We supply and install custom designed pumping solutions  which are low maintenance solar water pumps built for NQ conditions!

Unattended Operation

Guaranteed Water Flow Rates

Extremely Low Maintenance

Our excellence in after sale service is  widely recognised by our customers, which assists in maintaining consistent repeat and referral business.

Bontech is the North Queensland distributor of Lorentz Submersible Pumps.

Solar Pumps flexible solutions for your pumping needs


Developments for monitored and remote solar telemetry systems (#AGMON range of Products ) have  progressed from our research and development division, with great success.  Bontech won both the North Queensland Newspapers New Inventors Award in 2000, and again in 2004 Rural Inventor of the Year Award at the North Queensland Field Days.

#Agmon© is our patented range of  stand alone, satellite  or  internet connected remote agricultural monitoring and water management equipment. It can monitor humidity, rain, temperatures etc. With the addition of other sensors it can be a weather station or monitor pump flow rates etc., auto stop start of engines, generators, pumps etc.

#Agmon can also be used to assist with #irrigation control, and the measurement and control of soil moisture.

Current and historical information can be viewed by both email, and personalised web page.

You can now run up to 3 Outstations from one standard Agmon. These Outstations enable monitoring of more than one site (each Outstation = a separate site) and still only uses one internet connection.

Your current  Agmon can now be upgraded to allow Outstation communication,  or purchase a new Agmon and Outstation for that second property or bore, call us now on 1300 859 018.

Check our Products Page for more information or mailto:sales@bontech.net.au

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